Title: Tips to help manage your space usage

If your account gets full or nearly full, have a look at our tips below to help you manage your space usage:

  • To check your disk space usage to see how much space you are currently using, please see our help article check your disk space usage.

  • If your account is full you will need to login to Webmail and delete some emails or upgrade your disk space.

  • If you go to Settings > Folders in Webmail and click the name of a folder, the information shows how many emails are in that folder and the size of the folder.

  • You can simply delete unwanted emails from Webmail to clear space. E.g. older emails you have received or sent. If you wish to store emails from Webmail to your computer before deleting them, you can do this by highlighting the messages you wish to save then click "More" (above the email list) > Download > Select the appropriate option. Once you have saved the emails to your computer, you can delete them from Webmail to clear space. Regularly saving older emails from all your folders and then deleting them from Webmail will help manage your space.

  • If you receive an error while deleting emails in Webmail, have a look at our help article here.

  • If there are any emails in your Trash folder after deleting emails, remember to empty the Trash folder too.

  • If you use IMAP login from an email program on your computer/mobile rather than Webmail, most software will have a feature to allow you to archive emails to your computer from your software instead of from Webmail. You can also delete emails directly from your software to clear space. Note this ONLY applies to IMAP login (not POP3).

  • If you only use one computer/device to login to any one email address, the best solution to space management is to use email software on your computer and set it to POP3 login - that way all your emails are stored on your computer and you never run out of space. For full details of the settings you need to get setup in an email program with POP3 login, have a look at our help article here.

  • If you already use POP login from an email program, your account maybe full because you have your email software set to leave all emails on the server forever. If so, you should change your settings to avoid your account filling up indefinitely. To do this, locate the setting in your email software - usually found on the advanced email settings page - and set it to leave your emails on the server for say 14 days. The setting is usually called something like "leave a copy of messages on the server" or "keep messages on the server".

  • If you would like more overall space in your account, we offer disk space upgrades - for details please see here.
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