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Question Title Why am I receiving spam?

To avoid receiving spam in the first place, read this information.

There are many ways that spammers can obtain your email address. Some unscrupulous online mailing lists or websites that you may have signed up to may have sold email address lists containing your address (note that our company NEVER sells or reveals addresses). Or spammers send hundreds of emails to random addresses to test if those addresses exist. Another major cause is if your email address is listed publicly on the web - perhaps in forum posts or in business directories. Spammers have systems which trawl through websites to "collect" any email addresses which are visible. We always recommend that you try to avoid putting your email address on websites, as this will almost certainly result in spam.

Unfortunately once a spammer knows that your email address exists they will send more spam and sell your address to other spammers. This is a problem internet wide with any email address, free or paid, as it is caused by the way the internet mail system works in general, not just our service.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to completely eliminate spam emails if a spammer does get your address. Spammers are using more and more complex methods to get past spam filters, such as deliberate misspellings to get around work blocks, always sending emails from different addresses/servers so they cannot be blocked, and randomly changing the text in every email to avoid filters. We use many spam tools to try to prevent spam, but obviously this cannot be 100% successful, especially if a spammer decides to "attack" your address sending hundreds of messages.

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