What are the benefits of getting your own personalised email address?

No need to change your email address when you change your ISP or Job
If you have an email address provided by your ISP or employer, what happens when you want to change your ISP or job - you will lose your email address. This can be a real problem if you have given your address to lots of friends and family or customers, and especially if you have signed up for online services, newsletters, mailing lists etc. Avoid this problem by choosing a personalised email address which is completely independent from any other services.
No more having your email provider's name as part of your email address
Are you sick of having your ISP or email provider's name in your email address, such as you@yourisp.com? The great thing about personalised email addresses is that you can tailor the whole address - you could use your personal or business name, or nickname, and have your own fully customised email address like you@yourname.com.
Less risk of spam than free email addresses
Many free email providers have a directory which includes their customers' email addresses, making your free address an easy target for spammers. Also providers like Hotmail, Yahoo and major ISP's are well known to provide email addresses on a large scale, so spammers will send emails to thousands of different random addresses @yourprovider.com because they know that many of those addresses will exist. With a personalised email address, the risk of receiving spam is greatly reduced because the people who send out spam emails are not interested in targeting one specific email address, but are looking to send their emails in bulk.
Advanced Spam Filtering
Having a personalised email address significantly reduces the risk of receiving unwanted mail, but our service also comes with advanced multi-layered spam prevention tools to help avoid annoying spam emails. Firstly we check and filter your emails against a list of known spammers, eliminating the vast majority of unwanted mail. Secondly our spam detection tools automatically filter any further spam into a separate folder, leaving you with a spam-free Inbox.
Easy to remember and looks professional
Because you can tailor the whole address, personalised email addresses are much more personal to you or your business, and therefore easier to remember than most addresses. This is great news for your friends, family or customers, and your address will also look professional which is especially good for businesses and individuals who are looking to portray a professional image.
Use your email address from any computer, anywhere in the world!
With our email service you can either use your favourite email program on your own computer, or use our webmail service to send and receive emails from any computer with access to the internet. This is great if, for example, you want to send emails or pictures to your friends while you're on holiday, or need to be in contact by email while you are away on a business trip.
Fast friendly help and support
We pride ourselves on our high level of customer support. Our team will give you fast and friendly help and advice whenever you need it, giving you complete peace of mind. Our customers often send us messages of thanks and praise for our support...why not take a look at what our customers think for yourself (top right of this page).
Never have to change your email address again
Statistics show that most email users will change their email address many times. This usually happens when people change their ISP or job and move from one address to the next. This can cause major problems, as most people don't remember to give their new address to every service, mailing lists and online shop that they signed up for, or all their friends, family, contacts or customers. If you have a personalised email address you will never have to change your address again, saving yourself a lot of time and effort.
No ads, taglines or popups
Many free and paid email providers add adverts or taglines to the emails you send out, or have 'pop-up' advertising. We do not alter or add anything to your incoming or outgoing emails, leaving you in control. We also do not add pop-up windows or adverts to any of our services.
No time limits - use your email address as much or as little as you like
Have you ever had your email account suspended or closed because you did not use the service for a certain length of time? Our service does not have a time limit unlike some email providers, leaving you free to use your email account when you want without fear of losing emails.
Costs less than you think
You can get your own personalised email address, and our great email service packed with features from only £2 per month! At such a great price, there's no reason not to get your own address. And if you want addresses for all the family, or require multiple business email addresses, we offer very affordable packages to suit all your needs. See our email packages page for more details.
Flexible storage
If you need more space for your mail, we offer disk space upgrades for your package so you don't have to worry about running out of storage space. For full details and prices, please click here.
Packed with useful features
Our email service comes with loads of great features, including virus protection, spam filtering, and Webmail.
Have a look at our great value email packages
  Read what our customers think...  
  "I had always used the email address that comes with my ISP's service, and when I wanted to change my ISP it was such a pain to be forced to change my email address. That's when I found your service which is great - now I won't ever have to change my address again. I just wish I'd found your service before I started using my ISP email address.
Mary Granger
  "I am not very technical, and have never had an email address before, but your service is easier than I ever expected it to be. Your support section has everything I need, and you have replied really quickly to all my emails. I will be recommending you to all my friends - thanks!"
John Pretty
  "I just signed up for your service a week ago and I love my new customised email address! All my friends are impressed, and now everyone remembers my email address."
Natasha Kent
  "Wow! I am so impressed with the speed you answer your emails - you got back to me in minutes with all the information I needed. Good support is an important issue to us as a business, so I really appreciate your service. I am telling everyone I know what a great service you offer."
Sound Sensation
  "I think that being able to customise your own email address is a fantastic idea, much better than the email addresses you get from services like Hotmail. Your service is great too - I like to use your webmail facility which is really easy and so convenient because I can use it on any computer at home, work and even when I go on Holiday!"
Mark B.
Southend, Essex
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