If you need just one email address for yourself or your business, then our Email1 package has everything you need. Or if you would like email addresses for all the family or need multiple addresses for your business, have a look at our Email5 and Email20 packages.
1 personalised email address
200MB mailbox
All our great features (see right)
  £25 per Year
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5 personalised email addresses *
5 x 200MB mailboxes
All our great features (see right)
  £35 per Year
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20 personalised email addresses *
20 x 200MB mailboxes
All our great features (see right)
  £75 per Year
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All of our packages come with loads of great features to help you get the most from your email address. Each address you setup as part of a package comes with its own features, so each person can use & administer their own service.
  Each email address comes with the following features:
200MB Mailbox (easily upgrade to get more space if needed)  
Automatic Email Virus Protection
Advanced Spam Filtering
Webmail - simply login through our website to send & receive emails
POP3/IMAP - use your favourite email program
Automatic Email Reply/Responder
Unlimited Email Aliases
Email Forwarding
SMTP Outgoing Mail Server
Our help section explains all the details and features of our email services. If you have a question, or need more information on the features included with our packages, have a look at our Package Features page.

*Email5 and Email20 packages: You choose one ending (the part after the @ symbol) for all your email addresses. For example you could choose @yoursurname.com and create addresses like john@yoursurname.com, sarah@yoursurname.com etc. These packages are also ideal for businesses - you might choose yourbusiness.com and create addresses such as enquiries@yourbusiness.com, sales@yourbusiness.com etc.


If you choose either the Email5 or Email20 packages, you don't have to specify all of your email addresses at once. You can setup new addresses at any time up to the limit for your package, allowing you the flexibility to create new addresses as and when you need to.

Why not look at the benefits of our email service, or read what our customers think.

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  absolute-email offers you a personalised email address where you can create your very own perfect email address.
  A personalised email address looks professional, is easy to remember, is fully customized and the address is tailor made. Create an email address, set up an email address and have new email address all suited for individuals, businesses and families for use on any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. Absolute email covers UK.