Email software/app: problems sending emails

Applies to: Email Packages & Website Hosting
If you're having problems sending emails in your email software/app:
  1. Check all your outgoing settings with those here and correct any as needed, then try sending again.

    In particular, you should check:
    • The Outgoing/SMTP Mailserver is correct.
    • Outgoing/SMTP Authentication is ON.
    • Your username and password are set correctly in your outgoing settings.
    • The outgoing port number is correct.
    • You have SSL/TLS turned on in your outgoing settings.
  2. In your outgoing settings try changing the outgoing port number to 587 (instead of 465) AND change the SSL/TLS option to STARTTLS.
  3. Firewalls and security software such as anti-virus programs can occasionally cause problems. Try temporarily disabling any firewall/anti-virus software you have on your computer to see if that is causing the issue (remember to turn them back on after testing).

If the above doesn't solve the issue, please contact us with a description of the problem and the exact/full error message that you receive in your email software/app so we can assist further.
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