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.uk domains
We do not charge to transfer in .uk domains.
  1. Please contact your current domain company and ask them to transfer your domain to the registrar tag MEDUSARED (all capital letters).
  2. Once your domain company has confirmed they have done the transfer, please contact us to let us know that your domain name is being transferred to us so that we can add your domain to our system and send you your account details.

.com .net .org .biz .info domains
Transferring an international domain to us will extend your registration by one year so you will need to pay one year's registration fee during the transfer process (please see our domain prices for details).
  1. Login to your current domain company and check/update your domain contact details to ensure the registrant AND admin email contacts are set to YOUR email address. This is because during the transfer you will be sent emails requiring you to authorise the transfer.
  2. Login to your current domain company and find the Auth/Transfer code - it will be a set of letters, numbers and characters which you will need during the transfer process.
  3. Login to your current domain company and UNLOCK your domain so it can be transferred away from your current company. Otherwise the transfer will fail.
  4. Then please contact us to request that we transfer your domain to us. Please include your full domain name and tell us you have completed all the steps above. We will then let you know how to make payment so we can proceed with the transfer.
  5. Once we have received payment we will submit the transfer and you will receive one or more emails (to the email address you set in step 1) asking you to authorise the transfer. You should carefully read these emails and authorise the transfer according to the instructions in the emails.

Any domain successfully transferred to us will be subject to our Terms & Conditions.
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