How to: Set up Thunderbird

Applies to: Email Packages & Website Hosting
Mozilla Thunderbird is free email software with lots of features and is easily customisable to suit your needs.

To set up your email account in Thunderbird:
  1. Open Thunderbird. If this is the first address you're adding you'll see a 'Set Up an Existing Email Account' window. Or if you already have accounts set up, click 'Menu > New > Existing Mail Account'.

  2. Enter the name to show on your sent emails, your email address and email password. Then click 'Manual config'.

    • In the 'Server hostname' column for both the Incoming and Outgoing lines, enter '' where '' is your own domain (found in your welcome email).
    • In the 'SSL' column for both the Incoming and Outgoing lines, select 'SSL/TLS'. This will automatically change the Ports to the correct numbers, shown below.
    • Enter your full email address in the Incoming Username box. The Outgoing Username box should update automatically to the same.
    • Click the 'Re-test' button.

  3. You will see a message that the settings were found. Then click the 'Done' button.

  4. That's it! You're now ready to start using your address in Thunderbird.

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