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  • 1 custom email address
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  • 5 custom email addresses
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£85 / year
  • 20 custom email addresses
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Features included with all packages
Free domain included
Upgradable space
Webmail - login from anywhere
Login with email software/app
Mobile/tablet friendly
Spam & virus protection
Calendars & address books
Sync & share calendars
Autoresponders & custom filters
Email forwarding
Email aliases
Daily Backups
24/7 help & support
Secure reliable platform

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Benefits & Advantages


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Access from all your devices
With our email packages you can use any computer, tablet or mobile to manage your emails, anywhere in the world. Easy flexible access from home, work, abroad or on the move.
Never need to change address
Changing internet provider or job often means changing email address, which is inconvenient. Avoid this with our independent email service and never have to swap address again.
Professional & easy to remember
A personalised email address is completely tailored to you or your business so is easier to remember and looks more professional than a free address.
No provider name in your address
Sick of having your email provider's name in your email address? With our service you can tailor the whole address e.g. to get the address you've always wanted.
Flexible packages
If you need more space or addresses, you can easily upgrade your disk space or package at any time, giving you the flexibility to grow as and when you need to.
No ads, taglines or popups
Many providers add text to your emails showing their company name or logo, or show you adverts when you login online. We don't! We leave your emails exactly how you intended.
Fast friendly help & support
With 26 years experience as an internet service provider, our friendly professional staff will offer you all the help and advice you need, when you need it.

Top Features

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Free domain included
With many providers you have to separately register & pay for your domain (the part after the @ symbol). We include this in our packages & do everything for you, saving you time & money.
Multiple ways to login
Manage your emails with our fully featured Webmail using your normal web browser (no setup required), or use any email software/app of your choice. Great flexibility for any situation.
Spam & virus protection
Our service comes with advanced multi-layered spam and virus prevention systems to help filter and stop those annoying emails and keep them out of your inbox.
Calendars & Address books
Our Webmail comes with full calendar and address book functionality so you can easily keep track of your appointments, things to do and contacts.
Sync & share calendars
Sync your calendars across all your devices and manage them from any device, or share calendars with other people - great for businesses and families wanting a shared calendar.
Autoresponders & custom filters
Easily add an autoreply to let people know when you're away or out of the office. With filters you can also automatically move, delete, reject or forward certain emails based on rules you set.
Email aliases
With aliases you can receive emails for other addresses with the same domain, as well as your main address. Great if you want more addresses but don't need separate logins or folders for each.


Webmail allows you to manage your emails simply by logging in through our website. No technical knowledge or setup is required. You can easily customise the functionality and choose from over 50 designs/colours.
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What our Customers Say

"It's fantastic that I can use all my devices to manage my emails - I'm on the move a lot so being able to switch seamlessly between devices without any hassle is great."
Sean, Dublin Ireland
"I'm not very technical but your service is simple to use and I got set up without any problems. Your instructions are easy to follow and you quickly answered any questions I had."
John, Manchester UK
"Your Webmail is so easy and has everything we need. We love that we can just login from anywhere without any setup. This is perfect for us, thanks!"
Property Investment, Toulouse France
"Our company needs reliable email and you've always given us an excellent dependable service. Your support staff are also very helpful which is important."
Floratwist, Singapore
"As a business it's essential to have professional looking email, clients expect it. Your service is fast and affordable and our customers love our easy-to-remember address."
Track Consulting, London UK
"When I changed ISP and email it was such a pain. Very happy I've now found your service and don't have to change again! Your service and support have been great too."
Emma, Sydney Australia
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