Can I change my email address after I've ordered?

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To change the part before the @ symbol in your email address:
This is free of charge. If you have a package allowing multiple addresses, you simply need to add your desired new address and delete the old one by following the instructions here. Or if you have a single-address package, please email us asking to change your address including the following:
  1. The address you wish to delete.
  2. The address you wish to add.
  3. A statement to confirm you understand we will delete your old address and all emails/data for that address (please save any emails/address books you wish to keep from Webmail before emailing).

To change the part after the @ symbol (your domain name):
You will need to order a new email package and then cancel your existing one. You can order a new package here, and cancel your old package by following the instructions here. Please note our refund policy will apply because you are changing your domain and we have already registered and paid for the domain you originally chose.
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