Manage spam filtering

Applies to: Email Packages & Website Hosting
All your emails are scanned by our advanced spam detection system and any spam is moved to your Spambox/Spam folder and automatically deleted after a period of time. If you wish to check the emails in your spam folder you can do this at any time either in Webmail or in your email software/app (if you use IMAP login).

Correct filtering mistakes:
If you find a good email in your spam folder or spam that hasn't been detected and is still in your Inbox, you can correct this and help our spam detection system learn:
  • Login to Webmail.
  • Highlight the email(s).
  • Click 'Mark > As spam' or 'Mark > As not spam' as appropriate.
  • Mark as spam will move the email to your spambox folder and blacklist the sender.
  • Mark as not spam will move the email to your Inbox and whitelist the sender.

Remember an email is only considered spam if it is an unsolicited email from someone you have never had contact with. Many companies send newsletters if you've used them in the past, but this is NOT spam. In those instances you should contact the company to unsubscribe from their newsletter and NOT mark the email as spam. Please only mark true spam emails as spam.

Whitelist an email address:
Please follow the above instructions to mark the email as not spam which will automatically whitelist the sender.
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