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Applies to: Email Packages & Website Hosting
For security, we set a limit on how many failed logins are allowed. For anyone exceeding this limit, ALL access from their internet connection (including other computers/devices which share the connection) is blocked temporarily. This is to keep your account safe from hackers. If you find yourself accidentally blocked, this is because you (or someone sharing your internet connection) have incorrect login details set in your email software/app, or you've tried to login to Webmail too many times with incorrect details. Don't worry, you can simply follow the help below to resolve the problem.

To check if you're blocked:
  1. From the same internet connection you're having issues with, please login to Webmail and if you've been blocked you'll see a "blocked" page. Please follow the instructions on that page to unblock yourself. If you keep getting blocked repeatedly, please see below.

If you keep getting blocked:
This means you still have incorrect login details set somewhere at your end. To fix the problem, please carefully follow each step below:
  1. From the same internet connection you're having issues with, please check you can successfully login to Webmail. This is to make sure you know the correct password for your address.
    • If you see a "blocked" page please follow the instructions to unblock yourself first, then repeat this step.
    • If you don't have the right password, please reset your email password, then repeat this step.
  2. If you have more than one address set up with us (that you access from your internet connection), please repeat step 1 for each of those addresses too, to make sure you know all your passwords before continuing.
  3. Open your email software/app. For EVERY Absolute-Email address you have set up in your software/app:
    • Go into the account settings and in both the incoming AND outgoing settings, please re-enter your password and check your username is set to your full email address. Save your settings.
      Note: Incoming login details are usually easy to find but the outgoing username/password settings can be harder to locate. They're often found on a separate outgoing/advanced settings page or tab, sometimes you have to click the SMTP outgoing mail server name. Check your software/app help if you can't find where to enter your outgoing login details.
    • Check you can both send and receive emails without any errors or problems - this is very important to ensure everything is set up correctly before continuing. If this step fails, repeat step 1 to unblock yourself (but DON'T reset your password again) then try again.
  4. Repeat step 3 for EVERY computer/mobile device that uses your internet connection.
  5. Finally, login to Webmail again and if you receive a "blocked" message please unblock yourself again. Assuming you now have the correct login details for all addresses on all computers/devices, you won't get blocked again and the issue is resolved.

Why block the entire internet connection?
The function of this security is to prevent hackers connecting repeatedly trying to guess passwords. This is common so the security is essential to keep your account safe. If we blocked your email address itself this would also stop you (the real user) accessing your own account, so blocking the internet connection where the failed logins come from stops any attack but doesn't prevent you from logging in. It also stops attacks on multiple addresses from the same connection. The security does however mean that if you accidentally set a password wrong, this can cause your internet connection to be blocked. The unblock function and instructions above should allow you to resolve the issue quickly and limit the impact of any accidental blocks.
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