Email software/app: incorrect username or password error

Applies to: Email Packages & Website Hosting
If you use email software/app and you're receiving an error that your username or password is incorrect, go into your account settings in your email software/app and ensure that your username is set to your full email address and there are no spelling mistakes or spaces. Please also check that your password is correct. You should check these details in BOTH the incoming and SMTP (outgoing) settings in your email software/app.

If you have problems, try copying and pasting your username and password from the welcome email we sent to you when we created your account (assuming you haven't changed your password since signup). Make sure you don't copy any spaces at the beginning/end of the details.

If you continue to have issues, it's possible you've been blocked for too many failed logins - have a look at our help article which explains how to check and what to do.

If you've forgotten your email password, you can simply reset your password.
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