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If you wish to add a signature and/or logo or images to the bottom of your emails, where and how you do this depends on how you send emails.

If you use email software on your computer/mobile device you should set the signature in your email software according to your software's instructions.

If you use Webmail you can add a signature in Settings > Identities > [click your address] > Signature. There are several options available:
  • Simply add your signature text and images/logo to the box.
  • A very easy way to create a professional-looking signature is to turn on 'Enable Signature Builder'. You will see a template signature with different options below to format your signature, add your own details, logo, social media icons etc. You can also click the 'Export' tab in the Signature Builder to copy the code to include your signature in another email program.
Once finished, remember to click the 'Save' button. Your signature will then be automatically shown in the compose box whenever you write or reply to an email.
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