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The login type you choose in your email software/app determines how and where your emails are stored. POP login is now much less common than IMAP and we recommend IMAP unless you have a specific need to use POP login. However we do support POP login too.

Login types explained:
Your emails and folders are automatically synced across all devices, so if you send, delete or move an email on one computer/mobile, that will be reflected on all your computers/mobiles (and Webmail too). Your emails and folders are stored online so it's easy when you change computer or mobile - just set your email back up and your emails/folders will all be there the same as before. This also means you won't lose any emails if your computer or mobile has problems or breaks. To use IMAP login please simply use our recommended settings.

Your emails and folders are NOT synced between devices, so if you send, delete or move an email on one computer/mobile, that will NOT be reflected on any other computer/mobile. Your emails are only stored on the computer/mobile that downloads them so if that device has problems you could lose emails unless you keep backups elsewhere. The only reason you might choose POP login is if you don't want to store your emails online for any reason. If you do choose POP login you should use the settings here with the following changes:
  • Account Type: POP
  • Incoming Port Number: 995
  • Leave emails on server: So that your newer emails are available in Webmail and can be downloaded by other computers/mobiles, set this to say 30 days. It is not recommended to leave emails on the server forever, otherwise your account will eventually run out of space.
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