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Important: If you forward emails to another address, you must NEVER report/mark any of the emails as spam (even if they are spam) e.g. if you forward emails to Hotmail, don't mark-as or move emails to Junk in Hotmail. If you do, you will likely get us banned by that provider and if we become aware of any user reporting forwarded emails as spam, we reserve the right to turn off your forwarding to protect the reputation and reliability of our service.

Forward emails to another address:
  1. In Webmail, click 'Settings' in the main menu, then select 'Forwarding'.
  2. In the action box:
    • select 'Send copy to' to forward emails to another address AND keep a copy in your account.
    • Select 'Redirect to' to forward emails to another address and NOT keep a copy in your account.
  3. Into the box enter the email address that you want your emails to be forwarded to.
  4. Set the 'Status' to 'On' if you'd like the forwarding to start immediately. Or leave it 'Off' so you can enable it later.
  5. Click the 'Save' button.
You should add your personalised email address to your spam whitelist at the address you are forwarding emails to - this is to ensure all emails get forwarded correctly and are not rejected.
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